Carrying around a bulky booster seat can be a bit of a hassle to say the least and with this in mind the ‘mifold’ was created – It’s 10x smaller than a regular booster seat. How is this possible? Instead of lifting the child to an adult position like other boosters on the market, mifold does the exact opposite. It adjusts to the size of the child and accurately holds the seat belt down on the hip bones and shoulder, offering the correct amount of restraint in case of impact.

Meeting or even exceeding R44.4 – the European standard for car seats, mifold’s ground-breaking design combines both convenience and safety. Life with kids cannot always be planned, so whether on holiday, in a taxi or on the school run, keeping a mifold in a child’s backpack at all times offers a practical and viable solution for those occasions when the regular car seat is simply not available.

With mifold, there are no more excuses to not keeping kids safe during any car journey!


  • Folds in half for ultimate portability
  • Fits easily in backpacks and glove compartments
  • Adjustability settings for securely restrain kids of different sizes
  • Unique push-to-release mechanism
  • Quick-Clip for speedy fastening and release for children of all sizes
  • Made with aircraft grade aluminium 6061 T6 (light & as strong as steel), DuPont Delrin 100ST, (super tough plastic for superior impact resistance)
  • Foam padding technology for extra comfort
  • Aged 4 to 12 (up to 150 cm)
  • E8, Group 2/3 “Universal” child restraint system
  • In accordance with the regulations ECE R44.04
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Download the User Manual here


  1. Kash

    This is a fantastic product and deserves recognition for the same. It is easy to use and my kids love it. It provides excellent space saving benefits and is a perfect replacement for those who constantly have to wrestle with big bulky seats (like me). I use Mifold for doing school runs and when i cant make it to pick my kids i simply pass it to family members who take it. I 100% recommend.

  2. Kevin

    Works really well and the kids are able to sit in a tight space, close together and do it comfortably.

    One area where they can improve is the red side tabs. To widen them, they need to hold down a tab under the seat, but to close them, you just need to push it in. On a car ride, the red tabs will be pushed in and make unbuckling a bit more difficult. It would be better of those red tabs stayed in position until the tab is pulled.

  3. Peach Judd

    The Mifold booster is great. I thought the kids might not like being so low but they haven’t mentioned anything about being low and get excited to get into their mifold. It’s compact and easy to use. The only dissapointing thing is the side guides don’t seem to stay or lock in position and while I’m trying to either get the strap through the guide or get it out of the guide it’s sometimes slips back up against the main part of the booster which makes it difficult. I don’t know if it’s a manufacturing fault or design fault but I often have to try and find the red button on that bottom while a child is sitting on it to get the guides out again which is very frustrating especially when you are in a rush! I’ve bought three of these and even if this fault is irritating it doesn’t take away from the fact that I now don’t have 3 massive car seats taking up loads of room in the car.

  4. Gaia (verified owner)

    My kids love Mifold, no more complaining about the car sit! We travel very often and I’m so glad I have my two Mifolds instead of the massive car seats! it is a great product. The side guide could be improved but I learned how to lock the guide in position.

  5. Georgina (verified owner)

    As a mum with 4 children of which 3 use the Mifold Seats! This product is amazing and is really easy to use and move around from car to car or moving seats when needed within our 7 seater vehicle. Folds very small and light so a child could carry around in their bag. Leaves lots more room in the car than the conventional car seats. Very happy with this product.

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