How many parents reading this can honestly hold up their hand and say: “Being a parent is exactly what I thought it was going to be.”

We thought as much.

Nothing prepares you for bringing a child into this world, and the sometimes wonderful, sometimes not-so-wonderful changes which alter your life forever.

We know, we know. They are worth it though (mostly).

However, it got us thinking. How much do parents-to-be think they know about parenthood in 2017? What do they think about costs, changes to sleep patterns, amount of walking and birth trend, among other things?

So we created a quiz-style questionnaire to ask people’s perceptions of what happens when you become a parent.


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When you’ve answered all the questions, your results will show against the actual answer, on the final page. Tweet us and tell us how you did!

Were you right on the money or were your expectations way off? If you found it interesting could we ask to share it with your friends and family, to see if they ‘give birth’ to a few surprises.

As part of this project into people’s expectations of parenting, we also surveyed a sample of British people to find out how much they think it costs to raise a child under five, each month. The results are astonishing.

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