What better way to emphasise the lack of safety our kids face every day when they travel in cars without being strapped in their usual car seat.

A lot of the time as parents we don’t really have much option (other than lugging around heavy bulky car seats) so we don’t really think about it too much. We’re used to sitting our kids down and strapping them up using the adult seat belt. What other choice do we have other than pray for the best?!

But if you did jump into a vehicle and was immediately offered a regulated car seat for your children, wouldn’t you use it? In fact you would probably start thinking about how often you are on-the-go with the kids with no other choice then an adult seat belt (cutting into their neck) to keep them ‘safe’.

Well as of 5 June, London Black Cabs will be offering 2 mifold portable car seats (suitable for 4 to 12 years old) for when parents find themselves unexpectedly grabbing a black cab in central London. Our London cabbies are known for being accommodating, helpful and caring – and now with mifold they can really live up to their reputation by keeping kids safe on their black cab journey.

Just so it’s clear – mifold is a child safety restraint. The most compact, lightweight car seat ever invented – offering parents an easily portable car seat that they can take with them everywhere… just in case!

The instruction sheet and QR code linking passengers to ‘How To Use’ video will be handed out by the cabbie, demonstrating how mifold adjusts the adult seat belt to fit the child’s body correctly. And the www.askformifold.com website will offer passengers all the information related to mifold as a rigorously tested ECE R44.04 child safety restraint!

The new age of child car seats is born. mifold – for every child, in every car, on every journey, every time!

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