We were overwhelmed by the great feedback we received on mifold from one of our customers. This is the feedback we received:

Over the past few years whenever we have travelled with the children, we have used our Trunki’s as an alternative to a rented booster seats. Although they are a fantastic option when abroad, the majority of the time these carseat-come-rucksacks have been too heavy for the girls to carry for more than a few minutes at a time, especially once filled with kiddie paraphernalia. So after lugging them all the way to another country, we usually end up using them on the way to and from the airport and the rest of the time they sit unused in our hotel room.


Eager to find an alternative in time for our holiday to Thailand, a friend suggested I look at the Mifold car seats. Being a fraction of the size and weight of a conventional booster my immediate thought went to safety. Surely the Mifold is not as effective in a crash? Not so… it breezes through all the European safety standards for car seats. No brainier I thought, two added to shopping basket and away we went!


The Mifolds are pretty neat to look at. They are approximately the same size as an iPad mini and weigh no more than a small bottle of water. But how did they fare when we went away? Well, we used it every single time we went out.

The Mifolds are small and light enough to chuck a couple of them in a bag and still have room for sun hats, sun cream, iPads and the rest. And once you get the knack of it (the main thing is adjusting the shoulder strap which only needs to be done once), the kids are in and out in a few seconds. For an overly anxious mum, the peace of mind knowing the children were safe on car journeys was second to none.

img_2007When you are on holiday it’s easy to bundle your kids into the back of a car with no car seat, thinking on just this one occasion ‘it will be ok’. But reality hit us the moment we saw a taxi, exactly the same as ours, overturned on the side in the road. What if that was us? A reminder we can never take these risks, not even once.

So that’s my review – perfect for holidays and ideal to stick in the kid’s school bags for ad-hoc pick ups and drop offs. Go out and get one, you won’t be disappointed!

We hope you enjoyed the story as much as we did and we would love to know how do you keep your children safe when travelling in holiday. Please share your experience in the comments below.


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