What exactly is going on with the proposed changes to European car seat regulations?

And what does it mean for mifold® Grab-and- Go booster seat™?


There has been widespread coverage in the media about proposed changes to the European regulations for child car safety seats, including those in the UK.  The proposals are to restrict the development of new backless booster seats and limit their use to taller children, above the height of 125cm.  

This notice is to ease public speculation and to reassure our customers that mifold complies with all relevant regulatory requirements and is completely unaffected by the proposed changes.

The schedule to implement the new laws has been delayed by the Department of Transport and will not come into play before mid-2017.  Moreover, the changes will only apply to new products and will not affect car restraint systems that have already been regulated. Please see the Government response here.

Therefore, all existing backless booster seats will continue to be legal and safe as per their usage instructions, even after any changes in the regulations.


The Facts

  • mifold has been tested according to the R44.04 EU Regulations of Child Restraint Systems and certified on the 18-06-2016 and meets or even exceeds all EU Regulations
  • The European Regulators are committed to monitoring children’s’ in-car safety. Having licensed existing booster seats for continued sale and use, without limitation, is their recognition that booster seats are a safe, well-established, practical, proven and cost effective method of restraining children in cars. 
  • Therefore, the proposed changes to the European car seat laws do not apply to mifold or any other existing booster seats currently on sale in the UK
  • If/when the new laws are implemented, mifold will continue to be sold and used for the safety of all children aged 4 to 12, weighing between 15kg and 36kg irrespective of height throughout the UK and the rest of Europe, with no additional restrictions.
  • mifold’s 3-belt guide positions the seatbelt correctly on the child’s shoulder and hip bones offering the correct amount of restraint in case of impact.  Unlike traditional bulky booster seats, mifold’s compact and lightweight design allows for easy portability encouraging use, no matter whose car they are in.


Why mifold?

mifold is a simple and innovative solution to a recurring problem. 33% of parents across Europe admit to have taken a child out in a car without a suitable car seat in place (Research Now, March 2016).  Good Egg Safety, UK also recently reported that a shocking 34% of 8 to 11-year olds are not using a booster seat on car journeys.

Even after decades of improvement in the use of child restraints, there are still many journeys where children do not have an appropriate car seat – school rotas, outings with grandparents, in taxis and rental cars on holiday – an estimated 20% of all journeys.  This does not even include the older kids who have reached the border of the regulatory limits, and do not want to appear babyish in front of their friends that have already outgrown their car seats.  The reason is obvious.  Life with kids does not always go to plan.  There are times when a booster seat is simply not available.


The Problem

In fact, UK law recognizes the limited options parents have when travelling with children in circumstances where an appropriate restraint system is unavailable and have therefore made it legal to use an adult seatbelt on a 3+ child in taxis/private hire vehicles, minibuses & coaches, during unexpected journeys and when there’s no room for a third child seat! 


The Solution

With mifold, we eliminate these real-life limitations.  For the first time ever, mifold is solving the problem when a car seat is simply not available, empowering parents to prioritise in-car child safety.

There is no longer any excuse.  With this compact and portable device, children can always be safe no matter whose car they travel in.  

mifold is a practical and viable solution to every scenario where compliance failures arise.


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