yoyo_by_air_franceBABYZEN is joining forces with Air France for a new exclusive series featuring the airline’s colours.

YOYO by Air France comes in a unique print that is both subtle and elegant, for a new kind of fashion accessory. Your favourite stroller can now be dressed up in Air France colours to stay chic on board!

So chic, So convenient, So French

4-yoyo-white-frame-air-france-blue_webWhen two leading French houses of mobility come together, the result is an exclusive stroller that combines chic and ease of use. YOYO by Air France is THE collaboration of this winter which will make you want to take off.

As early as 2012, the French brand BABYZEN envisioned YOYO, a unique from birth onwards stroller, that accompanies parents in a world in perpetual movement. The very first stroller accepted as cabin luggage, YOYO was immediately greeted on board Air France planes and then distributed by Air France Shopping. Their unique design and simplicity have won over parents worldwide. From Paris to Shanghai, YOYO has become THE reference for urban parents and travellers alike.


In today’s urban lifestyles, movement is a fact of life. Having a baby often rhymes with becoming more sedentary.

Because parents don’t face the same challenges as in the past, BABYZEN wanted a revolution. To meet the needs of their lifestyle, BABYZEN created YOYO, a unique stroller that adapts to babies from birth and supports them in an ever-changing world. It’s never been easier to meet up with friends for a drink, hop onto the tube, or fly to the other end of the world.
Easy to handle, convenient and light, YOYO circumvents limitations, makes everyday life easier, and keeps parents connected to their environment.

From New York to Hong Kong and Paris, London and Milan in between, in just five years and across every continent, YOYO has become a reference for parents on the move.

YOYO by Air France is now available in all authorized BABYZEN retailers in the UK.


  1. Fab pattern, love it!

    Claire82 January 8, 2018
  2. Brilliant, love the colour! 😍

    HappyHellen January 10, 2018

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