Is the YOYO+ stroller really comfortable?

Really comfy and boasting great 4-wheel suspension, the YOYO+ stroller is available in these versions:

– a 0+ version, which has a wide pop-up canopy, a thick mattress, and a foot cover.

– a 6+ version, which has a comfortable seat pad and an ultra-covering canopy with a window and a wide foot rest.

Is the YOYO+ easy to steer?

Extremely maneuverable, its front suspension and patented “Soft Drive” steering ensure that it constantly adapts to ground conditions.

The YOYO+ is so slim, it can go just about anywhere, and can be steered one-handed. So helpful when you need to hold a cell phone, an umbrella, or your child’s hand.

Is the YOYO+ convenient?

Just ask anyone who has one!

With its handlebar folded, your YOYO+ slides under subway turnstiles, is inconspicuous in a restaurant, and knows how to fold up small in cramped elevators.

Its armrests make it easy to carry down stairs.

In its 0+ version, with the handlebar folded, you can even use it as a changing table…


What is the size of a folded and unfolded YOYO+?

The YOYO+ stroller is as just as compact folded (52 x 44 x 18 cm).

Its unfolded dimensions are the same as the 0+ and 6+ versions (106 x 44 x 86 cm).

How much does a YOYO+ weigh?

The 6+ version weighs 6.2 kg, while the 0+ version weighs 6.6 kg, in other words, a record for an all-in-one convertible city stroller that accommodates babies from birth!

What is the capacity of the YOYO+ shopping basket?

The YOYO+ basket is now 60% bigger compared to the previous model, and can carry a load of up to 5 kg. Its new shape makes it easily accessible from both front and rear.

What materials is the YOYO+ made of?

With an aluminum frame and wheel axles, stainless steel and high performance technical plastics, all of its materials can be recycled.

Without any plastic wrapping, our cardboard packaging is recycled and printed with soy-based inks.


What is the volume of the YOYO+ stroller when folded?

The same as that of hand luggage…

In other words, it easily fits into the smallest trunks, under a train seat, and of course, in the overhead compartment of a plane.

Is folding and unfolding a YOYO+ complicated?

It’s pure magic: it unfolds and folds back up in a fraction of a second, using just one hand, even if you have a child in your arms.

How do I fold up the YOYO+ when the adapters are connected?

When the stroller is folded, the locks that are clipped onto the armrest stay in place, while the adapters stay connected to the car seat.

How do I carry the YOYO+ when it’s folded?

Thanks to its comfortable padded shoulder strap, you can carry it like a bag, for example when your child wants to walk, or by hand, using the chrome handle. And when you unfold the YOYO+, the shoulder strap automatically slips into the basket.

Can I really board a plane with my YOYO+?

Absolutely*! The size of a folded YOYO+ (54 x 44 x 18 cm) is less than or equal to recommended hand luggage sizes. This is not only a revolution for traveling parents, but also for airline personnel. Ideally, store your YOYO+ in its travel bag (sold separately), or use the included carry case.
* cabin luggage standards may vary depending on airlines.


Can a Group 0 car seat be fitted onto a YOYO+?

Yes, the YOYO+ is a real all-in-one stroller, from day one!

Using adapters (sold separately), you can now fit a compatible car seat onto it.

YOYO+ now has its own car seat, the BABYZEN iZi Go ModularTM by BeSafe®, which comes with adapters, so you can connect it to the stroller frame in just two clicks.

Can I leave the fabric on while I’m connecting a car seat?

With the BABYZEN iZi Go ModularTM by BeSafe® car seat, which was specially designed for the BABYZEN YOYO+, you don’t need to remove all the fabrics. First, remove the foot cover, unhook the carrycot from the handlebar, fold it back, and connect the car seat to your YOYO+ stroller.

Will the BABYZEN iZi Go Modular™ by BeSafe® be as comfortable once my baby has grown?

The car seat evolves with your baby:
– the seat pad and headrest cushion thickness adjusts as baby grows, for even more comfort and safety.
– the harness strap height can be adjusted: just open the flap behind the seat and pull the handle up or down.

Why does my baby’s head seem to fit so tightly in the car seat?

The head rest in BABYZEN iZi Go ModularTM by BeSafe® car seat was designed to adapt to babies from birth, using scalable support pillows to adequately support their head. But once your baby’s head no longer fits, just remove the support pillows by opening the side Velcros located behind the head rest.

My YOYO+ stroller has a Group 0 car seat – where do I connect the parasol?

Exclusive to BABYZEN, the parasol connects directly to the car seat adapters. If you leave them on the seat, the parasol protects your child even when the car seat is detached from the stroller!


Are the new YOYO+ fabrics compatible with my YOYO frame?

Yes! Even if you purchased your stroller frame before the YOYO+ was released, the new fabrics are still compatible.

All 0+ and 6+ fabrics are interchangeable on all YOYO frames (YOYO and YOYO+), except on frames that are not compatible with non-reversible seats.

Are the fabrics washable?

Yes, of course, all YOYO+ fabrics can easily be taken off and machine washed at 30°C.

Can I change colors easily?

Yes, 6+ and 0+ color packs are sold separately, so you can change colors whenever you like. All 0+ and 6+ fabrics are interchangeable on all YOYO frames (YOYO and YOYO+), except on frames that are incompatible with non-reversible seats.

Does it include a rain shield?

The 6+ and 0+ versions both include a rain shield, delivered with a storage pouch. PVC-free, very flexible and easy to install, it also covers the canopy.

Where can I store the rain shield?

The YOYO+ has a net bag behind the seat of the 6+ version, and beneath the 0+ version.

Can the 6+ backrest version of the YOYO+ be reclined?

Yes, it is a multi-position backrest that can be reclined to 145°.


How do I secure the front wheels for off-road use?

You no longer need to block the front wheels on your YOYO+! Its wheels are equipped with the patented “Soft-Drive” system, which eliminates speed wobbles on rough terrain.

Does the YOYO+ have a brake?

Yes, in its “push-push” mode, which has an even simpler pedal design.


How do I attach the YOYO+ Board?

It is really quick: YOYO+ board instantly connects to your YOYO+ stroller in a single one-hand click.

NOTE:  designed to only connect to the YOYO+ stroller, YOYO+ board is not compatible with previous YOYO strollers.

Is the YOYO+ stroller easy to manoeuvre with the board?

YOYO board was designed to make walking easier: you can still steer your stroller using one or two hands when your child is riding on the board.

Is the YOYO+ board convenient?

When it is not in use, YOYO+ board can be folded into space-saving positions with its connection strap.

In the 0+ version, the saddle must be removed before lifting the board (with strap in the middle position).

In the 6+ version, choose between three storage positions:

– Backrest up, board lifted to the high position, without the saddle

– Backrest up, board in the middle position, with the saddle

– Backrest reclined, board in the middle position, without the saddle

The board is so much fun that your child won’t want to leave without it. Sitting or standing, until he/she weighs 20 kg, it’s up to him/her.

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